After a great ride through the Heaphy track, great night at the Karamea Hotel, the icing on the cake was the helicopter ride back to Browns Hut on a beautiful clear west coast morning
— Kkmcrobie
I had a fantastic time on my scenic flight! I can’t even describe the beauty of the scenery. Totally, totally worth it. Stopped on top of Mount Garibaldi, breathtaking 360 views. Don’t miss this experience!
— goworldmtl
We used Wayne’s chopper services to drop us off into the Roaring Lion river a few years ago and found it first class. The scenery was just fantastic. We got dropped in for 4 days of fishing and stayed in the Hut by the river. The location was extremely remote and was a great experience. I would definitely go back.
— JV_01
Wow! This was one of the best experiences ever. Wayne is an amazing pilot - felt completely at ease with him flying. We flew to Collingwood end of Heaphy Track to mountain bike back. The views were spectacular and was worth doing for the flight alone. Highly recommend even if you have a fear of flying as I’ve never felt safer. Thanks so much for the most wonderful experience.
— Jedsmom
My husband and I treated ourselves to our first ever helicopter trip during our honeymoon in NZ.
We took a flight from Kohaihai carpark (near Karamea) where we left our campervan, to the Heaphy Hut. It was just us in the helicopter with the Pilot who told us all about the track and area along the way which was great to hear. The flight took us along with the sea to our left and the Kahurangi national park to our right which was stunning!
It was amazing being dropped on the grass landing area with the beautiful surroundings to start the 5 hour trek along the Heaphy Track back to Kohaihai carpark. The track itself was beautiful too (we only saw a handful of people towards the end for the whole 4 1/2 hours it took us). There were swing bridges, palm trees, wild birds and of course the walks along the beaches which were picture perfect! It was worth every penny and the best day of our whole 5 weeks in NZ!
— EMS4321